Scrapbooking! The new hobby i’ve fallen in love with…

So when it comes to hobbies, I prefer anything that doesn’t include me having to leave my sofa (or my house), so no sports and no “social activities”. So recently I have discovered scrapbooking!

I love it, it’s amazing! All I have to do is print off my pictures, set up Netflix and fire away! I don’t have to leave my sofa and you can do it at your own pace. So if you have kids or work or have a chronic pain condition, you can do it whenever you feel well enough.

Not only is it a fun hobby but you get to look back through memories you enjoyed making and then you have somewhere beautiful show them off!

I finally finished the scrapbook for Japan (It has been a while, I know), luckily we went on a few other holidays over the past year for me to scrapbook too! Above are some of my favourite pages from the holiday!

I love scrapbooks as you can use them for so many different things, Birthday party? Scrapbook. Holiday? Scrapbook. New Baby? Scrapbook!

They have really helped my sanity over the past few months by giving me something to focus on and the repetitive actions are very soothing.

So far I’ve found this to be the only hobby I can keep up as the others I get very bored by.

So watch this space for loads more scrapbooks!

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