Why Do You Judge Something You Don’t Understand?…

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of judgemental people, online and in person. People judge others because they do not live up to the “Norm” of life. Not being able to work or look after your house all the time. I don’t think people understand that IF I COULD WORK RIGHT NOW I WOULD!

This is not how I saw my life 10 years ago.

Comments from people regarding money or work or MY life are not appreciated, especially snide, sneaky comments, muttered under your breath or behind my back.

Why don’t you ask what I go through? Why I don’t live up to the norm? Because I will be more than happy to tell you and explain to you the amount of pain I am in on a daily basis.

Yes, you see me going out or on holiday, So why can’t I work? Well, my everyday pain level goes between a 7 and a 10, every day. BUT every day is different, some days the pain is in my arm or my leg or my ribs, some days the pain is everywhere. Honestly everywhere, from my hair to my feet. BUT I LOOK FINE! I know I do, its called a mask, I rarely ever let more than 3/4 of my close family or friends see im in pain, because of the judgement. Even then, I have days where I don’t even tell my close friends.

So the next time you’re about to say something about me earning money or not going to work or how I look healthy, talk to me, ask me or keep it to yourself. I have enough worries and problems of my own, I don’t need your worries for me or your comments too. Your comments don’tΒ help me get better, they help me push you out of my life.

You wouldn’t judge someone with a broken arm or leg, so why would you judge someone with a chronic pain condition.

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