Please Don’t Touch Me, It Hurts…

Why does my skin feel like I have sunburn, when I havent been in the sun?



Allodynia! Thats why. 

Allodynia is a pain, associated with Fibromyalgia and is triggered by stimuli that usually is unpainful such as clothing, gentle touch or a light breeze.

I’ve felt this so many times, usually when I am flaring up. My t-shirt hurts, bras are unbareable and forget about trousers. Even using a hairtie. On these days, everything is unbearable. Its a frustrating pain as sitting back on the sofa can cause a lot of pain. The worse part is the inabilty to hold my partners hand or hug my family and friends. I also experience allodynia with migraines, my scalp feels like its been beaten with a bat.

What Should I Do When Allodynia strikes?

  • Wear loose clothing. Avoid jeans, bras, tight socks.
  • Avoid showers, as the feeling of the shower can cause more pain, so having a bath can be better.
  • Try using magnesium spray oil. Gently rubbing this oil on my skin takes away the edge of the pain, meaning I can bare things a little more.
  • Anti-Seizure medications, like Gabapentin and PreGabalin, have been known to help the feeling of allodynia.
  • Painkillers can also help with the feeling, such as Tramadol and Cocodamol.



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