Why Does My Body Betray Me?…

I’ve had a day where my body has very much betrayed me. All day. Even while im typing this, I’m in pain with my elbow and my ribs.

I have many days like this, where different and many parts of my body hurt. All day, every day I have pain in my ribs and my hips but usually, it’s bearable, because I’ve had it for ages. But on days like this, the pain goes from a 5/10 to about an 8/10. Sitting for too long hurts, standing for too long hurts. Clothes hurt, bra straps hurt and it sounds crazy but hair hurts (yes it is a thing).Ā 

I feel like my body betrays me on days like this. Especially when my endometriosis is playing up too! My stomach cramps, it feels like Satan himself is partying in my stomach!

Endometriosis pain is not only in my stomach and my back, but in my hips and my legs and sometimes up my sides. This with my fibro pain, as you can imagine is really fun!

These days I feel betrayed. I feel betrayed by my muscles, by my organs and by my mind. On these days, I feel really down because I am not the person that I am in my mind. In my head, I can conquer the world but physically, I can barely make it down the stairs.Ā  But on these days, I have to remind myself that, yes im in pain and no I cant do what I want to BUT this is the only body I have and I can’t be mad at it and I can’t hate it because it is the only body I get. I need to remember that on my good days, I can do whatever I want but days like today, Its my body telling me to take it easy, that I need a day off!

-Georgie xoxo

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