Noah Guthrie. A Singer I Adore….

Since 2015 I have adored an actor, singer/ songwriter called Noah Guthrie. If you’ve never heard of him, its okay, but I hope you’re googling him right now, because he is AMAZING.

I first saw Noah in Glee, season 6 as Roderick Meeks. Straight off the bat, I knew this was my kind of guy. (In case you didn’t realise by now, im into men with facial hair. The fact he can sing and play the guitar is just a plus)(Sorry Max, but my love will never stray, I love you now.). Seriously though, I heard him sing for the first time and that was it! I searched all over youtube for him and found loads of cover videos and some videos of his first album “Among The Wildest Things”. I watched them all, on repeat.


So for a year and a half, I listened to Noah’s songs on repeat. All the time. And then in September, 14th September 2016, to be exact, I finally got to see Noah live!

He was just phenomenal, I read the ticket wrong, and thought the concert was a few hours before it really was, so Aimee and I were waiting outside the venue for hours, which sounds horrible BUT Noah came out and took a picture with us! So, I fangirled, a lot. We sat in the front row and got another picture with Noah after the show!!


THEN in April of this year, we got to see Noah again, this time it was at G7, a Glee and Starkid convention! A 3-day convention, with lots of Q&A’s and different themed parties each day! It was such a great weekend!

-Friday night, was a meet and greet session, where we were all sitting at different tables and the guests came round to us, kind of like speed dating! It was amazing, needless to say, I fangirled A LOT! Especially when Noah came to our table and recognised me from the show in September! Then there was a “School Pride” Party after!

-Saturday, there were Q&A’s with all the guests, a fancy dress competition and an AU party!

-Sunday, there were more Q&A’s, a talent competition and a Pride Party. This was the final night and there were a LOT of tears! AND I got to get another picture with Noah!


(Yes, I fangirled a tonne after this!)

But now Noah has a second album and I think it is better than the first! “The Valley”

It honestly is so good! My favourite song on the album is called “The Valley” and when I first heard it, I cried. It made me think so hard about my Fibro. About saving my strength for my good days, because flare days do take the energy from you but you cant stay in them days, good things are going to happen, it can’t all be bad, I can’t let my self slip into somewhere bad.That I need to look for the good in all of my bad days, even though it’s really difficult.

My Noah Guthrie Playlist

Noah is a great singer and an even better songwriter. If you want great, meaningful music, Listen to him!

-Georgie xoxo

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