Reflecting On My Family And Friends Posts

So for the past week, my family and close friends have written blog posts for me explaining what Fibro and Endo are like for them.

Reading these posts when they are sent to me has had me in tears, honestly. Its really difficult to read how much people want to help you but they cant because it would be heartbreaking for me. Reading the kind words everyone had to say and how much love was in the posts was incredible.

As a sufferer, sometimes you forget how much everyone around you has to deal with, as you are usually trying to make yourself better. You forget how they feel sometimes. Especially when you flare, you are concentrating on the pain and/or the exhaustion and fatigue, not on how upsetting it is for your loved ones to see you in tears, not being able to move or be touched. Comforting someone with a hug or by rubbing their back is the most basic thing, and with Fibro, touch can hurt at times, and it can be horrible when someone touches you, that you shout at them and tell them not to.

To know I am supported by these people and so many others is something that no medication or doctor can compete with. Having a strong support system at all times is so important for everyone, with or without a condition. Everyone goes through good and bad days. and on those days, you need people to make you laugh or to shed a tear with.

Im so glad I have my family and friends in my life because I don’t know where I would be without them! So go and hug your parents, sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, cousin, aunt, uncle or grandparents and remind them how much you appreciate them because sometimes we take them for granted!


-Georgie xoxo

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