My Other Best Friends Post!….

(Here’s a post from a really close friend of mine!)

Georgie and I have known each other for around 10 years now and to say we’ve always been close and the best of friends would be a lie. We first met in secondary during a time called ‘ mixed days ‘ we have previously known of each other but these days were the days where I got to see how great of a person she is. We instantly clicked and become somewhat decent friends throughout the rest of the school years.


After we had left school we kept in touch but kept it brief. Around two years ago Georgie and I soon became fast friend again to the point where we told each other everything and we bonded on our experiences with pain. She would come to me and I would go to her and we would try and help each other through it.

Seeing Georgie suffer with her Endo hasn’t been easy to watch, I may not have had to see it first hand but I’ve had to be a listening ear and a helping hand when she’s needed it.


April of 2017 was when we really bonded and became the closest we have ever been and shared an experience of a lifetime. Georgie’s flares weren’t getting in the way of her having fun and it’s the happiest I had seen her in a long time ( probably because of Max too ). How she manages to deal with all this, all day, every day beats me but it’s safe to say this girl is a warrior and she will continue to fight.


So glad she’s my friend and I will continue to fight every day alongside her.


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