My Little Sisters Blog!!….

(Here is my little sister’s blog! Explaining what she thinks of Fibro!)

Well first of all George is my sister she’s 7 years older than me she’s a nuisance haha, but she’s my sister after a while u get used to it. Some would say it’s karma for her dropping me in a bin when I was a baby, but as much as karmas a bitch I don’t think it would be this mean.

Some times it’s that bad she’s just on the floor crying then it turns into a panic attack and the worst part of it all is that you can’t do a single thing . She was doing so so well , she got into one of the top uni’s in London studying to be a midwife and had to give it all up because of this nasty illness . A few years ago our Nan passed away , my sisters illness was never that bad before my Nan died . Them two were always so close she was basically her second Mum.

I’m so proud of how far she has come and my Nan would be too, love you lots xx

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