My Mummy’s Blog!!! 

(Here is a blog from my Mum!! Showing a parents view of Fibro!) 

Georgie is my eldest daughter. She has been there for me thru everything as I have with her.She suffers with fibromyalgia and endometriosis. A couple of years ago she was told she had endo and has had a couple of ops to help even going private to help her but this has not helped.

She has been in constant pain, and as her mum it’s horrible seeing ur daughter in so much pain knowing you cannot help.

As a mum ur job is to protect your child from harm, but it’s difficult when her body is the cause if the pain.

I remember a couple of months ago George had a bad flare at her dad’s house and she was on the floor playing with the dog. She tried to get up n the pain started.
She was laying on her front n had pain in her ribs, then couldn’t breathe and ended up having a panic attack. Myself and her dad tried to help her up but couldn’t touch her as touch hurts.

We eventually got her up n her breathing returned to normal.
It’s horrible seeing her in the hospital and they can’t do anything for her either.

I wish I could take the pain away from her but can’t.

I admire her so much, she’s in constant pain but still does things. Shes struggling with work as she’s trying but at every turn she flares. She’s so stubborn and independent she’ll do things eventually. I love her all the world.

Always have and always will. Xxxxxx

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