What Fibromyalgia Is Like For Friends and Family…..

So I have asked some close friends and family members if they would write a blog each for me, describing what its like for them to deal with Fibromyalgia and Endometriosis.

Because not only do I deal with this but they do too. They have to support me when im in pain, they come to the hospital with me and wait for hours! They deal with my constant complaining and random symptoms.

It’s also difficult for them to have to structure their lives around me sometimes. Like when I cancel plans last minute, or when I have appointments that I cant go to alone. Or if I flare at a very complicated time, they change the plans that they have, to accommodate.

My family and my friends mean absolutely everything to me and you will all see when they all share their views and stories. Some of the people that will post a blog have known me since my birth, such as my parents. Others have known me since their birth, my sister, Aimee, and my cousin, Tasha. And others have come into my life at different times, like my friends and Max.

I really appreciate them doing this for me and for anyone that reads this, because not only will it open my eyes to how they feel but it will help another parent or sister or friend or partner.

I hope that you all enjoy these blogs, I know I really will.


-Georgie xoxo

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