Welcome to my bad day…..

Well, today is just a really bad day. I don’t know why. I’ve just been in the worst mood all day. Since I woke up, I’ve been grumpy, not wanting to talk or be social in any way.

I’ve done all of the normal things that usually cheer me up, I watched FRIENDS, I spoke to Max, I had a haircut!

But im still in a really bad mood. All day I’ve been looking for a job but the Fibro is making it so difficult. I cant do retail and I cant do cleaning. Any physical jobs are basically not gonna happen. So I’ve been looking for admin jobs which im not hearing back from at all, which is making me feel worse about everything. It honestly makes me feel useless like I cant do anything.

Days like today are the worst, because not only am I in a bad mood, im also in pain. Pain with my back, my stomach, ribs and legs. Just done with today. Done with not being able to do anything. I managed to put actual outside clothes on today which im really proud of.

Lately, I really haven’t been myself at all, and I hope it passes soon because it really makes me feel horrible. I don’t feel like myself.

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day, with better things and more to do.

-Georgie xoxo

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