The Common Cold….


Yep, I have a cold! It’s horrible. I’ve been feeling horrible since Friday afternoon. I slept for an hour during a Disney film! Then I had another nap about 9pm and Max woke me up when he got home. I didn’t have any other symptoms, except feeling tired. Then Sunday I was so ill. I asked Max to bring me home EARLY! I was feeling so ill and I started to flare…

That was not fun at all, I was in agony and I couldn’t breathe, I was uncomfortable and I was so tired.

All day yesterday, I felt so ill again and so heavy. Today I feel better but not 100% hopefully tomorrow or Thursday!

I didn’t realise, before, how bad a common cold could be so bad with fibromyalgia. This is why we have the flu jab.!

– Georgie xoxo

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