Never Forget Your Meds!

Stupidly, I forgot my medication last night, before I fell asleep.

It was 11pm, I was on the phone with Max and I was wide awake, looking through social media. By half past, I had fallen asleep, just after Max hung up. I didn’t take any of my medications at all.

I usually take an Anti-Convulsant (to relax my muscles), an Ant-Acid, an Anti-Sickness and Co-codamol. So I had the worst nights sleep. I was uncomfortable all night, had weird dreams. Around 4:30, I got up to go to the toilet, finally took my meds and still didn’t get to sleep until 6am.

When I woke up this morning at 11am, I felt very ill. Nauseous and very tired. All day I have felt off and I can’t wait to get back into bed!

Tonight, I WILL take my meds as soon as I get into bed, which will probably be very soon!

Sweet Dreams!

-Georgie xoxo


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