What a B.E.A.UTIFUL Day!


It feels like this week has dragged on and on and on. All I’ve done today is clean! Cleaned the whole house, twice. As you can tell already, it’s been a good day, relatively pain-free. And finally, after 5 days wait, I get to see my partner! We only spend weekends together as he works til late-ish.


I cherish the weekends with him. We don’t do much, usually, we binge watch The Walking Dead or Glee (much to his disappointment). Because I’ve been feeling so ill over the past few weeks, I haven’t made much of an effort with my appearance, hair in a bun and no make-up but today, as I’m feeling so good, I’ve straightened my hair and put on some mascara on. I’m even going to cook dinner for him….I don’t usually cook either, I can burn water!

As much as I am so happy its the weekend but Monday cannot come fast enough, I have a much needed GP appointment, to refer me to a better Pain Management team. Things need to change. I’ve seen today that Lady Gaga has told everyone that she suffers from Fibromyalgia, now that someone that famous has spoken out about it and explained what it is, hopefully, researchers listen and start working harder for something better to help people suffering.

Have a great weekend everyone!

-Georgie x


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