“And so it begins…..Again.”

As this is my first blog post where I start telling my story so far, I have to start from the beginning.


My pain started 2 years ago, in 2015, I have Endometriosis so when the pain in my right hip and down my leg started I thought “And so it begins again!” Then the pain started travelling to my ribs and in my arms. I’d never felt a pain like it before, it was a dull ache with pins and needles. I had this pain for around 4/5 months on and off.

The pain started to get worse and worse in my ribs and in my back. I couldn’t move on some days and on others, all I did was sleep, due to strong painkillers.


Skipping forward to September 2016, I had my first pain management appointment. I answered loads of questions, told the consultant all of my symptoms and I remember vividly, the Dr told me “Yes, you have Fibromyalgia.” I was in shock, not because I didn’t understand, but because after a year of pain and no answers, I finally knew what was wrong with me. I walked out of that room and sobbed, finally someone believed me. He prescribed me some anticonvulsants (Which I’m still on)  and put me on a waiting list for an infusion (which didn’t work.) For a while, I was doing fine, the pain was bearable and I was travelling the world.

In the space of 4 months, I had travelled to Berlin, Cyprus and Milan. I went to a weekend convention, celebrated lots of family birthdays and moved house!


The end of August, this year, I started to flare again. I was on my way to a training course (that I’ve now had to give up), I started to get horrible pains in my stomach and hip, it hit me so suddenly and it brought on a panic attack at the train station, I was taken care of by the wonderful TFL staff and a lovely police officer, until the ambulance came to take me to the hospital. I was given gas & air in the ambulance and codeine, paracetamol and ibuprofen at the hospital, then sent home, with nothing but an apologetic look.

A week later, I had pain in my chest, ribs, back and shoulder (which is obviously worrying), I went to A&E again, sat there for 5 hours. Had an ECG, blood test, Oramorph and prodded and poked by a Dr, then sent home with another apologetic look.

So for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been on painkillers every day and had to pace myself.

It’s not all bad though, I have managed to binge watch FRIENDS, as I’ve never watched it all from the beginning before (shocking I know)!

But for now, I’m waiting for a Dr’s appointment to refer me to a different pain management clinic.

I have the best family, friends and boyfriend. They support me all the time and carry me through this.


You are not alone!

-Georgie xoxo

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  1. Well even though we have no cure but to medicated with pain meds. I have found some ways to help reduce the pain. Light exercising and eating the correct foods. Really avoid inflammatory foods (peppers, caffeine, and sugars). I have been dealing with FMS since I was a child. Recently, it has been unbearable so thats when i turned to meds. Lately, I have been trying to find more natural methods. Pintrest has been very helpful. Thanks for your insights its always to hear how someone else copes with the same issues.


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